Where is it written that promotional bags need to be boring?  Nowhere! 

We founded Sacatelle with a mission to bring artistry and high design to branded bags.

A Sacatelle bag design ensures that your customers carry your promo bag not only to be environmentally-friendly and not only to endorse your business, but because it’s a creative, conversation-starting item and they’re proud to be seen with it.

As regular trade show attendees, the Sacatelle founders realized they would consistently accumulate a big pile of uninspired branded tote bags. Given that bags are actually quite useful and practical items, it felt like a wasted promotional opportunity.  If only these bags were cool, we thought, people would use them all the time, and Sacatelle was born.  Years later, Sacatelle produces bags for some of the largest companies in the world. We tailor all kinds of custom bags for a wide array of clients across industries, from retailers to fashion houses to supermarkets to media outlets to tech companies.  

Each brand gets a portfolio of completely original designs to choose from.Branded bags are produced using any of over 200 fabrics and materials and can be made in all shapes and sizes, custom-tailored to the client’s particular needs.  The client’s specific branding goals and creative vision are kept in mind throughout the process.

Start a project with Sacatelle today and create custom bags that are used and reused for years, turning heads and creating impressions everywhere they go.

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Don’t let your branded bag sit unused at the bottom of a closet somewhere.