1. The art of completely customizing bags, to increase exposure and brand awareness, at the guaranteed lowest price out there.
    “Sacatelle allowed our bags to spread the word about our business around the world”
    Synonyms: Awareness, Talking bag, Walking billboards, Expressive-packaging.
  2. A creative marketing method of branding your bag to increase awareness of your business and attract a larger audience.
    “The only way to get more clients, with creativity and cost efficiency is to Sacatelle.”
    Synonyms: Visual-Communication, bagvertising, magnetic-advertising, Attraction.


Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel with fresco. The great pyramids of Giza are made from stone quarries. With the right tool, the right vision in creativity, your brand can live through the ages. With the modern approach to advertising, your tote bag will carry your brand around the world. Your customers become walking billboards, and by virtue of our service, you will ensure that your brand becomes recognized around the world. At Sacatelle creativity is our specialty. Perfection is our passion.