You’ve taken a booth at a trade show. It looks great. You present your products and/or services to your industry. You pitch your heart out. You meet all kinds of important decision makers and buyers. You shake lots of hands. You chit chat. You hand out lots business cards. You slap people on the back.  Everything goes great. But now the show is over.  What happens next?  How do you make an impression that lasts? How can you ensure that buyers remember you when they next need a product like yours?


A good chunk of show attendees are likely just window shopping and are not in the mindset to buy immediately. You want to be sure that these folks think of you long after the event is over.  Whether you’re at a trade show to cultivate new business or simply there to promote a new product to the trade, handing out free promotional items is an excellent way to make sure attendees remember you and you see some return on your trade show investment.


The best promotional items are ones that are useful to the customer and become a part of his day-to-day life. The potential customer sees your logo every day and, either consciously or unconsciously, your brand name is reinforced in his mind.  An even better option is a high-visibility promotional item—something that puts your logo in the eye-line of more than just one person each time it’s used.  A pen with your logo on it is great, but chances are that only the user is noticing the logo.


Our branded tote bags are an excellent way to stay “top of mind” with your new contacts AND make your brand name visible to many others.  Reusable tote bags are extremely practical. Depending on the size and shape, people can use your branded bag for a myriad of purposes regularly–grocery shopping, doing their laundry, going to the gym, etc.  Depending on the design and quality, your branded tote bag might even become something people carry daily as an alternative to a regular handbag.  As an added bonus, it’s not just the user who winds up seeing your logo.  With an eye-catching design, every time the user walks down this street, is on the bus, in a supermarket or a locker room, your brand is getting more impressions. If you’re a consumer brand, that’s some serious added value.


Of course, having smart promotional swag to give away at your trade show is just one piece of the puzzle. To reinforce your brand, make sure you collect contact information from everyone who visits your booth. Follow up with people. Don’t pester, but call and email your new contacts and engage them. Find out if they had a good experience at the show. Make sure they know you’re ready, willing, and able to do business and available to answer their questions any time.


Finally, be sure to use your trade show presence as a social media content opportunity.  Take plenty of pictures and videos of your team in action and plaster them on social media.  And be sure to connect with your new contacts on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.  They might not immediately remember your names, but they’ll surely remember your faces, your booth and your company when they see you in their social media feeds.


Don’t let your trade show investment go to waste.  Create an impression that lasts and make sure your new contacts take your brand home with them.