The printed bag design you choose is a fundamental element when it comes to communicating with your potential customers but there are few tips that improve your current approach to bag advertising.

1. Connect the bag with your business objectives

Take a minute, think about this year’s focus on improving the business. It may have to do with a specific product, sector or target market, and convey this through your bag. Familiarize yourself with the look and feel of your potential customer, include the hashtag your brand is using and that will help you decide how to properly market yourself.

2. Raise brand awareness

The first and most obvious benefit to providing a giveaway from your stand at an event is that you are making more people aware of your brand and the key to this is visibility. Increasing the regularity of impressions your brand makes on people is correlated to how unforgettable it is. This stands for even when people see it subconsciously. So get the bag you’re giving away and load it up with branded pens, sweets, and notebooks that people will use in everyday life.

3. Encourage communication

The best way to build a relationship between your brand and your consumers if by communicating and interacting with them, so why not use your giveaway to do this at your next event? Create a call to action that gets the customer reengaging with your company after the event is over. For example, put a note inside the bag declaring a contest: post a creative picture of the bag on social media, hash tag the brand for the chances of winning a gift card or some sort of incentive.

Here at Sacatelle, we believe the printed bag design works as a walking billboard and therefore providing creatively designed highest quality bags will revolutionize your marketing.Start your bag project today!