We all try to do our bit to save our beautiful planet. Our household has an overflowing amount of reusable shopping bags, but which one will the consumer actually use? It simply comes down to durability, efficiency and of course “COOL” looking.

Think of all the ways people use bags of different shapes and sizes every day. You’ve
got your weekender for short getaways. You’ve got a shopping tote for your plastic-free
grocery shopping. You’ve got your duffle bag for the gym. You’ve got your tote bag for
your newspaper and crossword puzzle books. You’ve got your laptop bag. your
messenger bag, your handbag, your backpack, your fanny pack…it’s endless.

When we at Sacatelle see any of these bags, we see a blank canvas. A branding
opportunity too good to waste. Like T-shirts and jackets, bags are wearable pieces
where a striking design—or a big logo—can catch eyes, turn heads, and start
conversations. A strategically placed logo on a nice-sized bag can be noticed from
across the street or halfway down the block. Bags are traveling billboards: highly visible
items that may be seen by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people every day.

There are many ways to distribute your branded bag to your target demographic. Trade
show exhibitors give away customized bags filled with brand literature and promotional
items to show attendees. Grocery and fashion retail shops now regularly hand out
shopping tote bags for eco-conscious shoppers to reuse. Some brands even sell their
branded totes online, essentially making money off of self-promotional bags.

Online advertising jargon gave the world the term “cost per impression.” Advertisers
pay for each visual impression of an advertisement, whether or not the audience clicks
on the ad. When the advertiser stops paying, the ads stop appearing. The
“impressions” end there. That’s not the case with Sacatelle’s customizable bags in the
real world. Our bags are high-quality, durable and built to last. The life span for a single
piece can be years. A flat one-time cost can create so many “impressions” …we don’t
even have the metrics to measure them yet! It’s an ingenious way to get brand out