In the 21st century, your business constantly needs creative branding and advertising strategies. Audiences are fickle and attention-spans are almost non-existent. Television and print ads, once sure-fire ways to attract large numbers of eyeballs, now compete with the Internet’s millions of websites and blogs. The media landscape is fractured. Audiences are bombarded with messages. Securing even a sliver of attention for your brand is now a Herculean feat.

You’re likely trying to reach a customer whose attitude is “give me something I can use or go away.”  How do you create a lasting, positive impression in this environment?

With creativity. Make sure every time you connect with potential customers, you have something dazzling representing you. From your ads to your social media presence to your direct mailings to your (and this is where we come in) promotional items, all branding touchpoints must command attention. You need a “wow factor” at every turn. There’s just no margin for error.

Promotional items options are aplenty.  Companies hand out all kinds of sag in an attempt to create “brand stickiness.”  Mugs, pens, candy: a business can print its logo on anything these days.  The trick is to stand out.

Give your customers and potential customers something that’s not only usable and practical, but unique enough to start conversations and get people buzzing. Just as humor is great for television ads and clever clickbait wins in online advertising, creative design is what will set apart your promotional items.    

Sacatelle will breathe new life into your brand with our original branded tote bags. Hand them out to customers at trade shows or in your shop Beautifully-designed branded bags allow your customers to do your marketing for you. Your bag is a moving billboard out there doing your branding work for you.