It’s almost back to school time and students and parents across the country are in preparation mode, stocking up on for everything from school supplies to electronics to clothes.  In 2016, the National Retail Federation estimated that back to school spending was expected to reach as much as $75.8 billion (Yep. Billion. With a “B.”)

Is your brand doing anything to get a piece of that pie?

Creative customized backpacks are not only a great idea for schools, but for businesses and non-profit organizations too.  For a school, a creative customized book bag is a smart fundraising solution and a way to boost school pride and student morale.  For commercial brands with teenagers and college students as a target market, branded backpacks are a clever way to get into the sightline of an audience.  An ingenious promotional opportunity, a branded book bag is a moving billboard, getting your brand noticed in high school classrooms and on college campuses.

Branded backpacks can be produced in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prints and custom-tailored to a brand’s needs.  We consider a host of factors in designing backpacks.  A bag needs to be durable enough to hold heavy textbooks, have padded shoulder straps and back panels for comfort, include compartments for a variety of school supplies, and, of course, be cool enough that students will want to wear them walking down the school halls.

If you’re over 40, keep in mind: today’s school bags are not like you remember them.  Students go to school with a lot more than a pencil case and notebook these days.  Electronics and gadgets are now part of a student’s school day.  A well-designed backpack includes everything from laptop pockets to water bottle pockets to smart phone sleeves.  

Work with Sacatelle to customize any type of backpack.  We’ll be sure to consider every detail, A – Z!