To better answer this we need to briefly discuss what marketing is.

What is Marketing?

Marketing strategies try and find ways of targeting potential customers along with their attention spans. Strategies are typically implemented through various mediums, using a plethora of techniques. The advertising medium is by far one of the most crucial considerations for any advertising strategy. The types are too many to list now, but they can range from digital media to billboard advertising. In short, ad placement, ad delivery, and ad medium matters.

Disposable Marketing

The world of digital advertising has become remarkably advanced. The ability to target ads to specific audiences provides value to the platform. Yet digital mediums such as Facebook advertisements are marketing campaigns that have pre-defined lifespans. You budget and pay for each click or impression, and once you’ve reached your limit, the ad becomes no longer active. Same goes for billboard ads, radio ads, and sponsorships. It’s limited, and we call that Disposable Marketing.

Residual Marketing

Promotional items capitalize on the Residual Marketing Strategy. The key component of a Residual Marketing Strategy is having the ability to pay once and promote your brand forever.

Perhaps branding products people will actually use.

Creating something creatively branded will be eye-catching.

Ok, so now what? Which promotional product is most effective?

Custom Bags vs Other Promotional Items

Practicability and usefulness matters. No one cares for a branded pen that breaks after one use, or a usb with your logo on it (in a world that has migrated to ‘The Cloud.’

Bags are part of our daily lives because they are useful. They serve a practical purpose. With social trends moving towards sustainable living, consumers are increasingly encouraged to utilize reusable bags in their daily lives. Bags will never go out of style like the branded usb, because there is no ‘creative destruction’ with bags. People will always use bags.

Now, if your bag is customized to be super eye-catching and creative, not only will the end-user be encouraged to use it over and over again, the bag will catch a lot of attention, effectively marketing your brand continuously at no cost.

Customizing Will Cost You Less

Promotional companies that offer a catalogue of products to choose from may seem enticing. The problem with the industry of ‘stock bags’ is that the quality is sub-par, design options such as colors are limited, and your logo will be heartlessly hot-stamped on to what will be an unsubstantial and quite ordinary bag. Customizing a bag with a supplier directly, with companies like Sacatelle allows you the flexibility to pay the lowest prices, as well as all the extra features and quality upgrades which would have otherwise been unavailable to you at your average promotional company.

Strategize Your Quantity

You will increase your ROI (return on investment) by lowering your cost per bag by ordering higher quantities. It’s important to try and lower your cost per unit so that you get the highest rate of return on your marketing investment.

Choose the Right Supplier

When choosing a supplier or manufacturer it’s important to find someone who will service you completely. Beware of hidden setup fees or shipping costs. Some suppliers may give you pricing, only to find out once the order is being delivered that it never included shipping costs. Sacatelle is a NY based custom bag manufacturer that customizes bags, provides free design portfolios of creative ideas for you to choose from, and ships your order to your door for free! Sacatelle comes highly recommended for any brand looking for custom swag bags.