Custom Bags & Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Advertising through Creatively Designed Bags

Reusable Custom Bags and Sustainability

Sacatelle's bags are not only custom made for your brand, but made to be reused! Join the movement to protect the environment and reduce waste by promoting your company and sustainability at the same time.

Plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose, and is harmful for nature and many species of animals. Recycling is rarely utilized properly, and our natural world is being affected by all of this waste.

Switch to reusable bags today, and help your company enhance its branding and improve sustainability!

Custom Bags & Sustainable Advertising

Today, smart eco-conscious businesses are capitalizing on the trend toward sustainability, becoming more aware of the disastrous effects of using materials such as plastic for bags.

However, not all companies are making the change to reusable custom bags. This is mainly due to the fact friendliness typically costs more.

This relegates the consumer to inexpensive plastic bags provided by retailers. Stores such as CVS, Duane Reade and other large pharmacies, provide plastic bag options at no cost. Yet they only offer reusable bag options for a fee most don’t want to pay. These bags are usually unattractive, frumpy and unfashionable. They are often never used and sometimes even tossed out despite being so called “reusable”.


Reusability Is In The Design

So how can sustainability outweigh a store’s preference for using cheap plastic bags? Well, I for one never throw away a “designer” reusable bag that was provided at no cost by the retailer. It just feels wrong. Why? It is reusable, stylish and free!

Smart retailers know their attractively branded reusable bag will be used again, whether for giving items back to a friend, running to the gym, packing for weekend getaway or countless other things that require a handy tote that is fun to use and look at. Consider Lululemon reusable bags.

Have you ever bought an item at their store, went home and removed items from the bag and then tossed the reusable bag in the garbage? I doubt it.

Rather it goes in the closet and gets re-used as a tote. The cooler the design, the more often it gets used. There are even those who will buy an item just to get the trendy looking bag.


The Trend Is An Opportunity

Today, all sophisticated marketers can capitalize on the marketing opportunities created by well designed bags that are not only re-usable but are fashionable and cool to use again and again. By converting the basic shopping bag into essentially a walking billboard, custom bags offers unlimited exposure and visibility without the burden of having to pay billboard rent.

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As little as just one reusable bag allows the consumer the option to not use plastic bags. Meaning, this one bag becomes their staple; a marketers dream advertisement. Despite that more and more consumers are pushing for reusable bags or paper bags, many stores have thus far resisted making the transition away from disposable plastic bags due to its cheap cost.


Yet over time, with the eco-friendly consuming generation growing in ranks, companies are beginning to see a continuing movement away from disposable plastic bags, and more people are coming to rely on their own shopping totes.

The marketing benefits of being an eco-friendly brand are well established, but the other benefits of offering highly styled, reusable bags for free are manifold. Let your company make a statement! If you work in finance, and receive a JP Morgan reusable bag, you will carry it with the pride that tells the world where you work or who you bank with. Lulu lemon bags exemplify the world of active individuals, while Opening Ceremony bags represent unique fashion styles.


The same way one’s wardrobe makes a personal statement, a customized reusable bag does the same thing, while keeping the integrity of your brand.


Customized and reusable bags, designed with the quality and style, is what we manufacture at Sacatelle, can become the predominant expression of your image leaving a lasting favorable impression far beyond the horizon of your initial meeting, encounter or transaction.